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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flowers and summer treats

Marshall's will get you in trouble, so don't go in!!! No, but really, I was in there the other day and wanted to look at the dishes and cookbooks(I'm addicted to these sections in stores). I walked around and looked at it all and tried my best to walk out WITHOUT purchasing anything. Yea right, like that could happen. I was doing a good job of it until I reached the cookbook section. Every time I go in Ross I can't find anything I want to buy, but not in Marshall's. I wanted every book on the shelves!!! There were so many good ones that I couldn't walk away without at least one.

My girlfriend tried to ban me from the aisle, yet she was the one who picked up the book you will find below just because it contained lots of gelato recipes. The first recipe to catch our eye was banana gelato since we had bananas at home and all the other ingredients too. Can I say right this instance that this book will get plenty of use out of it and not dust on it! I had some peanut butter cookies in the freezer so I baked up a few and had a PBJ and B dessert(for those who don't get it Peanut butter, Jam and Banana). If this is what heaven is like I want to be there now.

Just random Flower shots

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Hannah said...

All of that looks so delicious.