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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chicken Breasts, what to do?

There were 3 huge chicken breasts in the fridge and my girlfriend wanted me to make chicken scallopine with saffron cream sauce. Well, this has been made at least twice and I really didn't want to make it again, I wanted something else, but what? The thought of pot pies came to mind, hey it's been at least 10years since I made some. I'm not one of those cooks who likes to measure ingredients unless I'm following someone else's recipe or I'm baking(if you're a baker you know how important that is).

Needless to say I don't have exact measurements on anything except I know it was 1 1/2 breasts, can of cream of celery and milk, one large potato and half a can drained early peas. I threw dried herbs, salt and pepper in and put it all Hey it came out good and that's all that matters right?


Veronica Miller said...

What did you use for the crust? I do a lot of cooking without measuring too and I've heard that the French love to do that b/c that way they never eat the same thing twice. Even if it's the same dish, it always tastes different b/c they always add something different. I read that in "Why French Women Don't Get Fat."

Deeva said...

It was the recipe for Pate' Brisee in Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. I saw that author of that book on the Today show, I might have to pick that up.

Anonymous said...

I cook like you do, some of this, some of that, its just people have to use their judgement, on how THEY like it.. nice method!