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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Supposed lazy summer days

I have been a busy little bee lately. Last Monday I won tickets to the 311 Unity tour with Ziggy Marley and then on Wednesday I won the upgrade tickets to move from the lawn to the seats. That concert was AWESOME!!!

I have been in the kitchen cooking/baking alot, spending many hours down at the beach getting tan( not like I need it) I would have to say this is the best summer since 2003.
Me and Some Guy Named Tias from Z104

Next week I will be going to the John Legend and India Arie concert, hopefully I will have some pics since the pictures from the 311 concert were horrible.

Mmmmm homemade biscuits, fresh out the oven!!!
Biscuits with Berry Slick''s this blackberry concoction that my grandmother made every summer we were in Alabama.

I had lots of egg whites and decided on a chocolate Angel Food cake since I usually make the regular one.

Chocolate gelato in a waffle cone
That's all for now

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