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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

YumYucky's Finish What You Started Challenge

I am not sure if you read the first installment of the challenge, but I had a photo in the post with my "Bucket List for Health". If you didn't see it, no worries I will type it out here.

This list may change if ever I think of something new

1. Eat more fiber
2. Eat more veggies(steamed/raw) NO CANNED
3. Eat more fruit besides just smoothies
4. Get more exercise
5. Sit in silence more
6. Meditate
7. Become more green with cleaning
8. Grow more food
9. Make my own soap
10. Make my own laundry detergent
11. Make my own breads
12. Cut out so much processed food
13. Photograph more
14. Read more
15. More aromatherapy
16. More dry brushing
17. Go back to learning French
18. Do Project 365 in 2012

I have been making my own bread since June and love it. I also find myself turning the tv off more. If only I wasn't on the computer looking at blogs and flickr as much as I do I could get meditation in also. LOL. #1, 2, and 12 have also been works in progress. I'm definitely getting closer to the health I need to be in and it feels great.

Here's to a healthy life...MIND, BODY, SOUL

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