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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Shots with Random Talk

I have been so busy between school, kids and the school, cake show, and just life in general that I don't have much blog time. I try to get pictures of things that I make or see so that when I have the time to blog I can post pictures along with the words.

I am taking French and Precalculus along with Alice(programming) and World Civilization. Let's just say school is kicking my butt this semester. No more talking about what you could care less about and on to the good stuff...FOOD!

This is some 3 cheese macaroni, which include Dubliner, Gruyere,and age cheddar(no yellow needed). I have been making macaroni for as long as I can remember so I have it down to a science in my head that when people ask me for the recipe I tell them to use what's on the box and adjust it to your taste. As you can see I don't like dry baked macaroni so I add extra milk and extra cheese.Here we have Dorie Greenspan's Party cake except an orange version. I must say that I liked this one better than the lemon. This cake is enrobed with cream cheese frosting.
How about my girlfriend and I went to the library and saw these geese going the wrong way. Maybe they needed to go in and learn to read.

Just a pic of the front of the library
Martha Stewart's graham crackers from her baking handbook...of course mines look nothing like hers. Nonetheless they were still good.

During all the rainy weeks in Virginia lots of mushrooms were popping up everywhere and I just couldn't resist the urge to get some shots.

An last but definitely not least, Bambi and mother. The must live in the brush near the school because they kept coming out to graze and going back in. AWWWW so cute!

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Southern Cookin said...

Pictures are beautiful!