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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TWD:Split Level Pudding

This weeks TWD was chosen by Garrett of and it was a simple item to make. I already had egg yolks in my fridge so doing this TWD was a no brainer. The pudding was vanilla, but underneath was a surprise of ganache. I didn't care much for the way the ganache set up, however I did like the chocolate flavor it lent the vanilla.

When I made the pudding I put all of it in ramekins, big mistake. I'm the only one who like vanilla pudding so I used a few of the ramekins of pudding in a Boston Cream Pie and let's say "it didn't last long". It amazes me how one may not like something separately, but if you combine it with something else their all over it.

You can check out Garrett's blog for the recipe or purchase Dorie book.

Thanks Garrett for giving me a way to use up some yolks and a reason for Boston Cream Pie!!!

1 comment:

TeaLady said...

Very creative to use the pudding in the 'pie'. I used left over ganache from the tart last week. Good planning from TWD.

Both look yummy!