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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kitchen Pet Peeves

I have worked in the food industry for years and as you can tell I love to be in my own kitchen. I have inherited some strictness about MY kitchen from my mother, her mother, her mother's mother...well you get the idea.

The kitchen should be the place of cleanliness, if for not more than just the fact food is the resident of the space. So that being said I have a short list of things that I can't stand to be in my food sanctuary or things I don't like about some kitchens.

17. Smokers..well who am I kidding you can't even smoke in my house.
16. Animals-Unless it's dead, processed and I'm cooking it.
15. If you spill it clean it up-It's easier to clean when it's first done.
14. Opening pot/pan lids or oven doors when I'm cooking....Irks my nerves.
13. If you use my mixer you better clean it, that's an order. No stuck on mess here please!
12. Small kitchens, I know can't always help that but I need space.
11. Poor lighting(big problem with my kitchen).
10. Putting knives in the dishwater and not letting people know. Hey someone can get seriously injured.
9.An unorganized kitchen, "Mise En Place".
8. Half Dried dishes.
7. Half Washed dishes-yes I am old school and still hand wash dishes.
6. Dirty dishwater-please don't mess up my fresh water or if the water needs changing do so.
5. Dirty hands
4. Hair
3. Dirty hands
2. Hair
1. Did I mention dirty hands and hair?!!!

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How To Eat A Cupcake said...

OMG I seriously can't stand it when I'm in the kitchen cooking or baking and people come in and open the pots or the oven door and look at the food! That gets on my nerves so bad!

A lot of my extended family are smokers, and it grosses me out to the max to watch them stirring of pot of pudding with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth! EW!!