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Friday, April 15, 2011

If you're going to buy, buy right the first time

When I went to the CDOT cake show last year there were three vendors I knew I would order from. One was The Foam Studio, which I ordered my cake show dummies from. The other two, Grex Airbrush and Cake Safe (Scott and Juli are so sweet and helpful) were more expensive purchases which would have to wait until I went to the NCACS show. I bought the Grex airbrush because of the ease of use, the adaptable pieces, and the price wasn't bad either. Knowing that airbrush spatter is inevitable, I knew the airbrush booth from Cake Safe was a necessity.
Trying the fondant under fondant to get a raised effect

Getting ready to start airbrushing

Finished product...and you can see the color in the filter area

The Airbrush Booth and the Airbrush
I love these purchases and would recommend them to everyone.


Jenniffer said...

I have been looking to upgrade my Aztek airbrush for a while and I have been eyeballing a Grex. Which model did you get?

Deeva said...

I got the GCK02 Tritium combo kit

Rylan said...

Oh my! I envy you! I wish I had the Grex and Cake Safe airbrush station! One day, hopefully I will!

Deeva said...

I just hopped over to your blog and fell in love! I would love to play in your garden. Your photos are great and your cakes...awesome.

Flourchild said...

That is great! Im glad you like your new toy:))

Ty said...

Wow. You're good with airbrush

Deeva said...

Thank you.