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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CDOT Cake Show Oct.9 and 10, 2010

This past weekend I entered a cake in the Cake Decorators of Tidewater 27th Annual Cake Show. I placed second in the advanced tiered division. My cake was inspired by a gift bag that I bought from Michael's a couple of years ago.

Any decorator could tell you how they see things in a CAKE way. Inspiration comes from everywhere, and that's the way I felt about this gift bag. I drew a sketch of how I wanted to decorate the cake, but after I covered the dummies in fondant I just wasn't feeling it. At 10 o'clock p.m. on 10/08/10 the decision came that I would do a sculpted cake. Since there was no time to bake a cake from scratch, I flew to the grocery store to buy some mixes. On my way back home it hit me....I registered for F22, advanced tiered, so no baking and sculpting would be done that night.

I had to finish what I started and luckily for me it turned out better than I thought.

The colors were blue, brown, and orange. I used royal icing on the accented characters on the cake and then painted them with gold, blue, and burgundy luster dusts.

P.S. This beauty below these words is now mines. I won it at the show and definitely could NOT contain my excitement. It's a pistachio Artisan KitchenAid. Isn't she gawjus?


Chrissi said...

You go girl! You moving on up ain't ya? That cake is nice. Have you named your new baby yet?

Deeva said...

Thanks. I'm trying to enter as many shows as possible for the exposure and experience. Sad to say I have three(2 now since I gave my first one to my parents) and have never named any of them.

I just call them shes because they work so hard and don't complain. They remind me of the old school women that did what they had to do and didn't bitch about it, lol.

Flourchild said...

Very nice!! I love the cake and I love the pistachio color on the kitchen aid!! Have fun with your new toy!!