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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My re-found love of yeast

My mother needed me to make her a challah for a Jewish get together with classmates since they were learning about Judaism in class. Normally, I made Martha Stewart's challah from her Baking Handbook because I always had yolks on hand. This time I wanted to try a different recipe. I was on the hunt for Peter Reinhart's book just for this purpose.

Online, I checked the library catalog and yes they carried it. Shucks, it had been checked out...what to do? I called Barnes and Noble, but they couldn't find it on the shelves. Since Borders had closed, I was at a loss of how to get one without waiting for it to be shipped. I googled bookstores in Virginia Beach and up comes Books A Million, a store I had completely forgotten about. Lucky for me, they had one in stock. I'm generally an Amazon type of girl, but I needed this book ASAP!

Since purchasing this book and a scale, I have been a yeast bread making fool. His recipes are so yummy.

The cinnamon rolls you see below were so soft you would have thought they came from a "chain" or a "tube".

And, the white bread....made twice already and I've only had the book for 2 weeks. Needless to say, I've re-found my love of yeast.


Terike said...

Szép és finom!
Üdvözlettel! Terike

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