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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

YumYucky Challenge Week 5

This week we had the opportunity to earn 3 bonus stars, 1 for 3+ salads, 1 for doing push ups throughout the week, and 1 for self evaluation. The first two stars I didn't receive, but I did evaluate my progress so far.

I have noticed that I got smaller. My determination to not buy another pair of size 20 pants came to fruition. I was able to get into an 18 again. The downfall is that I haven't been doing as much walking as I started out doing in addition to my cardio. My initial salads per week were through the roof, but that has also gone down. I have been craving sweets more, but it has been kept to a minimum compared to what I used to eat. My plan is to get more salads in and hopefully get some more walks done while it's still nice out.

This weeks stars...21+1 bonus.


Yum Yucky said...

wooohooo! Down to size 18. Keep it rollin' girl, just like I know you will. Now can we chat about those birthday cake scraps? Scraps are tasty, too! ((burp))

Gelukkig said...

Amazing! Thanks.