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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TWD:Rick Katz's Brownies for Julia

This weeks TWD was chosen by Tanya of and it was a great choice. The problem with this choice is that I wish that it was a different week. I had planned to make these brownies, but decided against it due to the fact that I was making King Cakes for my girlfriend for Mardi Gras/Superbowl weekend. I was dead set on NOT making these brownies and just doing the last two weeks of the month.

This all changed at 8:34 pm on Monday February 8, 2010. I blame this all on Alton Brown and his DAMN Good Eats show. This night I was waiting for 9pm to see Unexpected Life and decided to see what was on Food Network. Ahhh, it's Good Eats! The beginning segment was showing Cocoa Carl and Alton was going to show us unsuspecting people how to make different things using cocoa powder. The list of items he made were hot cocoa, chocolate syrup (This will definitely be a must try), and none other than brownies.

These brownies looked so good and I fought the fight for 4 minutes after his show went off. The fight ended with me losing the battle and running (and when I say running I mean it litterally) downstairs to make these brownies and get them in the oven before Unexpected Life came on. It's countdown, 26 minutes and counting and I can do this, right? Right!

I have never worked so fast to get something in the oven and baked, that it felt like I was on a Food Network Challenge. What made it so bad, yet so good, is that I was rushing through the recipe that I didn't use a mixer to beat the rest of the eggs to volumize them. Even with missing out on that step these brownies turned out fabulous. Oddly enough I have always been one who only like cake brownies and they usually had to have nuts in them. Well, Dorie Greenspan, Rick Katz, Tanya, you all have changed that for me. These brownies are OFF THE CHAIN!

Check out Tanya's blog for the recipe and make these brownies tonight....TONIGHT I SAID! You will not regret it if you are a chocoholic. You see the "pizza cutter" in the photo below? That's an idea from Alton Brown. See, he is good for something other than forcing you to run downstairs and make something you weren't going to make.


chocolatechic said...

I heart Alton, and that episode is fabulous.

We only make his hot chocolate recipe.

Sweet and Savory said...

That one perfect brownie speaks for how good yours are. I couldn't cut one that looked like that. A spoon would have worked better but I had many spoonfuls.

Flourchild said...

These brownies are off he chain!! I loved them and that last picture of your brownie makes me want one now!

Susan said...

Alton Brown is one of the men I would leave my hubby for! :) I "heart" him! Your brownies look fabulous!