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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TWD: Classic Banana Bundt Cake

I know that I am a week and a day late with this post, but I don't get on the computer as much and I didn't need this cake until this week. The selection was by Mary of and it was a wonderful choice at that. You can find the recipe for this cake at Mary's blog site or you can just pick up a copy of Dorie's book and have other recipes to choose from. You definitely won't be sorry!

My family had a get together and it included a birthday and since not everyone is a huge chocolate fan and my parents don't like lots of icing this was the perfect match. This cake went so quick that I think when we go to Kings Dominion tomorrow that I will make another one.

This is the birthday cake for my 17, yes I said 17, years old daughter. As if this isn't crazy enough, I made her a Nemo blanket and she walks around with it everyday even when it's hot.

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Flourchild said...

The cake for your daughter is darling! Everyone loves Nemo no matter what age!
Thank you for the kind words you wrote on my daughters blog..things are better. It seems like when ever school and soccer start back up its drama for a week then it settles down. She has had a great week. It's so hard with the two being so close(10 months apart) what you said about the closenss at home being different at school and social settings is so true..It will all be fine and we will get through it!